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Category Archives: Gobsmacking Gadgets

APP-it’s a blast-ER

Message to all gamers: forget about your playstation, xbox or psp. This little gun will change your life. Easy to take with you and to use whenever you like (if the battery of your iPhone allows it). Every time you play, it’s a new experience. The battlefield is real-time and the little aliens you ought to kill always appear within a different system. Great to play with different people and awesome to use before going out. Killing some little figures helps you to get rid of all the frustration and creates a positive vibe among you and your friends.

Ultimate SoleSkate
A skateboard with a difference…..

With two front wheels and one back wheel this “little” is big on fun.  For those people who enjoy their wheels and who are into something a little different! Take a look at it featured on our website here

Warning!: This may cause severe lowering of the bottom jaw and prolonged staring! See this video of one of the most gobsmakingly brilliant flying machines ever – the Air-Swimmers.  Even though it’s of a much bigger size than your usual indoor aircraft, it’s surprisingly easy to fly, not to mention realistic. Using the remote, you have full control over your flying fish. So magical, you’d be forgiven if you thought you had just stepped into a giant fish tank. So how is it possible? Simple. It’s all thanks to the lighter than air gas (that also makes you talk funny) – Helium! Sadly it doesn’t actually come with any helium but it is readily available at some florists and all retail shops that sell helium balloons. Watch the video: Air Swimmers