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Top 10 Technology and Gadget Gifts for Christmas.

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1.  iCade for iPad   £79.99
Forget fancy graphics and mind-blowingly clever apps; your iPad is about to become even more essential thanks to this gorgeously engineered arcade-style cabinet that transforms it into a joystick-toting, button-slammin’ retro gaming machine full of Atari classics and more. Anyone for Asteroids?

2.  Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet    £34.99
Bin the pads and pencils, it’s time to get scribbling, digital style, with this wafer thin paperless pad that features a pressure-sensitive screen allowing you to write, doodle and sketch before erasing the lot at the push of a button. Best of all, trees escape the chop. Write on!

3. Angry Birds Speaker   £49.99
With 3 built-in speakers, including a subwoofer, this Angry Bird packs as much furious wallop as its digital counterpart. Cover your ears, piggies!

4. Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone (Black)  £89.99
Effortlessly pairing modern functionality with the classic looks of a vintage telephone, the Sixty manages to look high-tech and timeless all at once.

5. Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera  £229.99
Instant gratification is de rigueur these days, so say cheese to Polaroid’s amazing Z340. This best of both worlds digital camera utilises ingenious heat-activated printing tech to spew out quality 3”x4” instant snaps on the fly. You can even edit images via its 3.7” LCD screen and store them to SD card.

6. Jaybird Sportsband Wireless Headphones (Black)  £89.99
This high tech headgear hugs your head closely, so it stays put when you’re out jogging, or breaking a sweat in the gym

7. Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer  £119.99
Instant Polaroid fun meets high-tech spec in the stylish shape of this pocket-size printer that uses Bluetooth tech and thermal ink paper to transform pics trapped on phones and digital cameras into 3”x4” sticky back prints in around 45 seconds. Best/strangest of all, it’s brought to you by Lady Gaga. Honest!

8. Parrot AR Drone  £299.99
With its four propellers, two built-in cameras and a smorgasborg of futuristic gadgetry, this high tech quadricopter is controlled entirely from your iPhone!

9. Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera  £79.99
No bigger than a walnut, this tiny wi-fi camera captures 640 x 480 footage and streams it directly to a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android mobile.

10. Trumstand  £1499.99
It looks like something from H.G. Wells’ study and utilises vintage tech, but thanks to its gramophone-style silver/gold-plated brass horn, the curvaceous Trumstand iPod/iPhone speaker sounds utterly amazing. Even more impressive, sound is generated purely from resonance created by the trumpety shape of the horn. No woofers, tweeters or anything!

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1.  Rocky Luxury Dressing Gown  £39.99
Could’ve been a contender?. Still can be when he wears this Rocky Balboa Dressing Gown Bathrobe. Actually this famous cinematic phrase was uttered by Marlon Brando in “On The Waterfront” rather than Sly in Rocky, however he’ll still look a knock-out.

2.  HoMedics Shiatsu Massage SBM-179H3GB Massager  £59.99
Treat your man (or yourself) to massage therapy at the touch of a button with this full length Shiatsu Massager. Feel all the tension and tight spots being eased away as this fabulous remote controlled “cushion” kneads whichever part of your back you instruct it to. Customise your massage experience with 3 massage zone settings.

3.  Marvel Comics Messenger Bag  £27.99
This Marvel Comics Messenger Bag is ideal for those familiar with the likes of Spiderman, the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk! Or, simply for anyone who loves a superhero! Made from wipe clean PU Polyurathene, this dispatch bag comprises one large compartment which fastens with a zipper and one outside pocket. Although it’s large enough to carry all your important stuff for college or days out, you don’t need to be the size of the Hulk or have the flexibility and elastic body of Reed Richards to carry it thanks to the comfortable adjustable strap.

4.  Haynes Build Your Own Engine  £24.99
Haynes, the world’s leading publisher and retailer of car and motorcycle manuals, has produced a realistic working model of a combustion engine which you can build yourself. Includes a Haynes Manual which features easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and a guide to the working principles of an internal combustion engine.

5.  National Geographic 70mm Spotting Telescope  £49.99
Designed to provide views of the moon’s craters, Jupiter’s major moons, and Saturn’s rings, in addition to dozens of galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae. As a terrestrial (land) telescope, delivers great views of mountains, valleys, and many other features of the world around us. You can also use to study animals and landscapes from a distance.

6.  Golf Ball Finder Glasses  £9.99
Golf Gifts are ideal for the person who lives, breathes, sleeps, drinks, eats GOLF! Golfers – they must the easiest people to buy for – simply get something “golf” related and everyone’s happy, whether it’s for a scratch golf genius or fully handicapped novice. And if any golfer you know oft complains about not being able to see the ball, tell them to look again !

7.  M:Tech iMusic Pillow  £14.99
Can’t sleep? Tried pills, lavender, warm milk and any number of strange tasting jollops without success?  Then this might help.  How about listening to whale song, sounds of the rainforest or even Nirvana in bed without disturbing your partner with the Sound Asleep Pillow.

8.  BBQ Tool Set  £24.99
For the man who’s really serious about his barbecue, here’s the ultimate set of utensils. Fifteen – yes fifteen superior stainless steel tools with insulated handles and all stored in a striking aluminum carrying case. Incredible value and very practical.

9.  Dulwich Designs Cufflink Box Black/Plum  £19.99
Park Lane 15 Piece Cufflink Set Display and protect your cufflink collection in this vibrant yet stylish 15 piece cufflinks box. Made from fine lama textured black leather, with a purple grosgrain lining. Better than scrabbling through drawers last minute searching for that much wanted pair for that special occasion.

10.  Men’s Grooming Kit  £16.99
This is one of the best travel grooming kits around.  These days, it’s important to look your best and make that first impression count whether home or away! With this Mens Grooming travel kit, that’s a breeze! Includes all those gadgets and tools needed to keep looking good from nose hair trimmers and tweezers to a stand-up mirror. And all this stuff is housed in a convenient PVC zippered storage/travel case. Perfect for the business traveler, always make sure it’s packed in the travel bag!

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1.  Portable Pocket Fishing Rod   £19.99
Any serious fisherman knows the key to pulling in that perfect catch is preparation and you can’t be more prepared than carrying one of these Pocket Fishing Rods for quick withdrawal. This compact telescopic Pocket Fishing Rod can quickly and easily be extended to its full 104cm length ready to reel in that catch you never thought you could get in time.

2.  Silverlit Air Bullet Indoor Helicopter   £24.99
Silverlit are brilliant choice when you’re on the search for an indoor radio controlled helicopter and their latest is this futuristic looking Air Bullet. Its superbly styled injection mould body makes it look and fly just like a bullet through the air, you may just need a few trial runs before you hit max speed!

3.  Electric Shocking Roulette Reloaded   £12.99
Unlike your usual casino version, this Shocking Roulette Reloaded will have you in both tears and laughter. You’ve guessed it, roulette and electric zaps thrown together to form a phenomenally enjoyable and frightening game. You won’t be burning hard earned cash anymore, but your fingers instead!

4.  PicooZ Black Hawk Indoor Helicopter   £24.99
The PicooZ Black Hawk features a three channel system that lets you to take full command during flight. Adding in a flight trimmer and proportional throttle control gives you the ability to manoeuvre this helicopter with complete precision, being super stable the Black Hawk is easy to fly indoors in the smallest of spaces, or even outdoors in calm conditions.

5.  Lightning Reaction Revenge   £19.99
Possibly the best-named gadget on the market, the Lightening Reaction Revenge really is as shockingly fun as it sounds. Guaranteed to have friends of all shapes and sizes squealing in a particularly camp way, this is the perfect way of pitting your reactions against theirs.

6.  Astrostar Star Projector   £24.99
Have you ever wondered what it would be like sleeping outside under the stars, but let us guess you have always been put off by the cold weather and the creepy crawlies lurking about. Well, we might have found the answer for you, the Astrostar Projector.

7.  BeatHoven Speaker   £12.99
You’ve all heard of Beethoven, well how about Beat-hoven? The Beathoven is a portable speaker that’ll pair up with your MP3 player or iPod and play music out loud through a mini Beethoven figure. Now this is a seriously cool audio gadget for all fans of the classical composer himself.

8.  Silverlit Fortress Piezo Gyro RC Helicopter   £59.99
Bundled with loads of Silverlit technology and styled like nothing you have ever seen before, the Fortress radio controlled helicopter not only looks the part it also plays the part too. Its clever piezo gyro system makes stability and precision second to none and will cleverly hold the chopper on course whether you’re flying forwards or backwards.

9.  Emergency Phone Charger   £6.99
We’ve all been there before when the last power bar is flashing and the mobile won’t let you make that really important call, even if it is to let your mates know you’re waiting down the pub! Never be caught short of charge again, this Emergency Phone Charger will help you out when you need it most.

10.  Mini Megaphone   £9.99
Are you football mad or just want to be heard above everyone else? Then this Portable Mini Megaphone is just the thing you need to make a racket as well as get everyone’s attention. And that’s not all, if you run out of steam and feel you’re losing your voice, just push a button and the Portable Megaphone will play an automated ‘ole, ole’ chant to further support your team for you, brilliant!

APP-it’s a blast-ER

Message to all gamers: forget about your playstation, xbox or psp. This little gun will change your life. Easy to take with you and to use whenever you like (if the battery of your iPhone allows it). Every time you play, it’s a new experience. The battlefield is real-time and the little aliens you ought to kill always appear within a different system. Great to play with different people and awesome to use before going out. Killing some little figures helps you to get rid of all the frustration and creates a positive vibe among you and your friends.

Ultimate SoleSkate
A skateboard with a difference…..

With two front wheels and one back wheel this “little” is big on fun.  For those people who enjoy their wheels and who are into something a little different! Take a look at it featured on our website here

Warning!: This may cause severe lowering of the bottom jaw and prolonged staring! See this video of one of the most gobsmakingly brilliant flying machines ever – the Air-Swimmers.  Even though it’s of a much bigger size than your usual indoor aircraft, it’s surprisingly easy to fly, not to mention realistic. Using the remote, you have full control over your flying fish. So magical, you’d be forgiven if you thought you had just stepped into a giant fish tank. So how is it possible? Simple. It’s all thanks to the lighter than air gas (that also makes you talk funny) – Helium! Sadly it doesn’t actually come with any helium but it is readily available at some florists and all retail shops that sell helium balloons. Watch the video: Air Swimmers